the studio space

the details

flowmagin is a wellness studio rooted in movement, music and expression.

Our 1,500 sq. feet event venue is perfect for poetry, dance, and everything in between. The only rule: no shoes allowed. No worries, we provide cubbies for all your items.

Our custom cushioned floors are bouncy, soft, and impossible not to dance on. We also have a private music space filled with hand-held instruments for you to explore sound and play.

our vision

The word flowmagin, (flow-maj-in) is the joining of the words flow and imagine. This word creation is designed to capture the duality and fullness of human expression. To invite a playful dance between form and freedom.

We believe it's important to cultivate a path of self-discovery by engaging the full spectrum of human experience, being purposeful about inward and outward experiences.

We believe that expansion and self discovery feels most alive when you allow space for curiosity and play. flowmagin is a space to play on purpose.

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