Saturday 7:00pm-10:00pm

Jun 24, 2023

at Flowmagin

Erotic Womban Power

Welcome to Erotic Womban Power!

A Workshop for the Rewilding Woman who desires to CLAIM her Erotic Power and Harness the Magic of Her Sacred WOMB.

Luxuriate, in this Womban only Workshop,

where you will connect with other Goddesses to Unify the Divine Feminine Field. You can Release into a safe space while being: held, seen, and celebrated by other Women. Call your Power back to You and let your Womb’s innate magic Light Up the Path of Your DREAMS!

We will DIP into…

•Learning what Womb & Sex Magic is, as well as rituals to practice it
•Tantric tools for Embodied BLISS
•Clearing the Womb from past trauma through Invocation & Prayer
•Dance for Depth and Integration
•Calling on the Divine Feminine Archetype Venus/Aphrodite for Her Loving Guidance on Confidence, Worthiness, Inner Beauty, and Strength to GROW your Healing Business

There will be a complimentary Aphrodisiac Tea Served for You Upon Arrival

How it Unfolds…

7-730 the Mingle , come to sip tea, talk with other goddesses, and become acclimated to the space

745 We Begin the Deep Dive into Wombans Erotic POWER

10pm Workshop/Temple comes to a Close.

What to Bring…

•Clothing: Adorn Yourself with Your Favorite Fabrics and Goddess Clothing, be sure it is something you can Dance, Move and possibly Sweat in!
•Journal to write in
•A pen to write with
•*OPTIONAL* a Crystal (especially rose quartz, citrine, red jasper, or Carnelian) ANY crystals you would like to CHARGE from our Divine Sensuous Evening

Who this Workshop IS FOR…

•Women who want to embody confidence
•Women who want to harness their sexual potency
•Women who want to manifest through erotic bliss & sex magic
•Women interested in Tantra
•Women who want to Heal their •Wombs and Sexual Life
•Women Healers, Teachers, Practitioners who want to grow their business
•Women who want to LOVE the life they LEAD and feel FUCKING GOOD!

Who this Workshop ISN’T FOR…

•Those Choosing Victim Consciousness
•Those who shame Sexuality and Shame others for their Sexuality
•Individuals who do NOT have a Physical Womb (just for this specific workshop)


Please contact your facilitator Shesuz by emailing her at: [email protected]
You can also contact Shesuz through Instagram follow: @Sheisuz

See you soon Goddess!

xx Shesuz


On the night of our workshop, when our Temple Gates Open

we will Co-Create a Night to Be Remembered and Revered

A Sacred Portal that will leave you living in your Erotic Womban POWER!

And So It IS.

Meet your host

Shesuz has been a teacher of tantric arts, yoga, sexual healing and dance for 8+ years. Her passion for spiritual growth and self love drives her to add elements that not only heals the body but invigorates the soul, feeds the heart and blasts the being open to erotic bliss ! Safe, Spiritual, Loving, and Memorable are words that describe her facilitating.
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