Friday 7:30pm-10:00pm

Apr 14, 2023

at Flowmagin

Woman: A rights of passage journey through Woman

Woman: A 12 Month Journey, is a Women's circle that will bring you through various themes experienced in a Women's life to learn, integrate, and explore what comes to the surface and what is beneath.
Join forces with other women to support each other as we navigate life in all its seasons.
Experience ritual initiations we didn't get to get throughout our maturation and evolution as a women identifying animals.
Learn about the mind, the body, fascia, your spirit, deep healing, and the all the pleasures that feed the flesh and the soul to experience a fullness of life 
  • Learn hands on practice we are entitled to knowing
  • Practices that guide you to Heal Yourself and then teach other women how to heal themselves (if you desire to share this space)
  • A place to bring your creative gifts and contribute freely
You will experience different modalities that you can utilize to personalize and integrate into your life.
Our society lacks any rites of passage.

Especially for women.

We have so many moments in our lives that deserve honoring, devotion, and acknowledgement.

The next 12 months will be devoted to each stage of our life and evolution as women.

Some stages will spread over more than one month.

Some will have side mini sessions over zoom where you will be able to follow a guided practice to de-armor trauma in your body both sexual and general from the safety of your home.


The goal here is to experience or re-experience the stages of female development in a devoted, sacred, and ritual-like manner.

One that is lived in community and in sisterhood.

One where we are introduced to each stage through a rite of passage.

We will be looking at how trauma and conditioning has shaped our understanding of ourselves and reality.

And we will be looking at the duality of each innate state of being.

Finding both the the traditionally good/ light that it can bring our lives and the traditionally bad/ darkness.

Your behavior is shaped by what you have purposely and accidentally experienced on this planet.

Understanding what is trauma vs. what is just true is vital to reconnecting with parts of yourself you might have been taught are dangerous or weak…

Meet your host

My background is in philosophy, academia, neuro-psych, CBT, Eastern & Western medicine and philosophies, Neo-tantra/Taoism, human sexuality, existential/ spiritual kink, alternative relationships and sacred sexuality, nutrition, relationships, trauma, Neurolinguistics, psychology...
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