Thursday 7:00pm-9:00pm

Feb 09, 2023

at Flowmagin

Improv Night

This is a space to learn the basic principles of short-form improv comedy. Whether you’d like to participate in the scene-building exercises, or observe as an audience member, you are welcome to join in and explore your creativity here.

Improvising means performing with no script, no preparation, and no knowledge of the scene’s outcome. The principles of improvisation can be easily applied to real life.

Your life is a story made up of relationships, settings, objectives, and obstacles. You have thousands of small objectives throughout your days as well as larger, more meaningful life objectives that hold great stakes for you. You also have obstacles that prevent you from fulfilling some of your objectives and through creativity you overcome them.

When you practice improvised performance, you experience synchronicity supporting you when you make an inspired choice and go with it wholeheartedly. You develop the skills of cooperation and collective agreement. You learn adaptability and consistency.

Above all, this is a nonjudgmental play space to experiment and learn together. Whether or not you apply these tools elsewhere, it will be a fun and freeing experience!

Meet your host

Natalie Morales is a performance artist and movement teacher with a passion for blending acting techniques with spiritual theology to facilitate creative expression and embodied authenticity through song, dance, yoga and play. In her youth, she was immersed in the performing arts and received her BFA in Theatre Performance with a focus on movement. In 2015 she became a certified yoga teacher and has taught a variety of yoga styles since, accumulating thousands of hours of experience guiding breath and movement. Natalie loves to bring levity and playfulness to transformational spaces so that no matter how deep or intense the process may be, we can always find a way to laugh and rejoice.
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